AP's Message

- At the start of 2018-2019 -
Hiroyuki Tanaka, AP of Asia Pacific Area

The new term of Y’sdom has started!

The purpose of ASP Area is to support each Region within the Area and our goals are:
1) Each Region to become more active.
2) Each Region to perform more and better services to YMCAs and local communities.
Let’s work together to achieve these goals!

My Theme is ‘Action!’.
Please have higher and wider visions or dreams and take concrete actions to realize them, not just to plan, but to do, to change, to challenge.

My Slogan is ‘With Pride and Pleasure’.
Please be proud of being Y’s Men and Y’s Women.
Please enjoy our Y’s life.
Let’s take actions with our heads held high and with a smile!

We have implemented the Area mailing list ‘ysmenap@googlegroups.com’ which includes all AEOs, ASDs, RDs, IPRDs and reported RDEs which I’m now using for sending this message.
Please make the best of the mailing list for the better and easier communication with each other.
I have attached the list of 2018-2019 ASP Area Family List including RD troikas which the mailing list covers all.

We are now developing our new Website which I will introduce at the ACM (On 8th, AEOs, IPAEOs and RDs are required to attend) and the Area Conference (On 11th, the Kickoff Meeting of the Area which all the participants of the International Convention from our Area are encouraged to attend) in Yeosu.
I hope the new Website will be a good tool for our better activities and I request all of you to utilize it.
The initial request for your contribution will be sent to you shortly.

I wish you and the members of each Region all the success and am looking forward to meeting all of you in Yeosu!